We offer operation, maintenance and repair services on offshore installations, including FPSOs, FSOs, fixed production platforms, rigs and flow stations The service we provide can range from operating, repair and maintaining specific equipments on the facility, such as compressors or power generation equipment to operation, repair and maintenance of the entire facility …

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Logistic Service

We offer vessel manning services for various types of vessels including general cargo ships, tankers, offshore support vessels, AHTS, FPSOs, FSOs, rigs, dredgers, etc. We provide different categories of personnel including officers and ratings, process and production operators, instrument technicians, supervisors and lab technicians. We ensure that our crew comply with all international, flag state and port state requirements …

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The commercial services arm of our organization offers vessel commercial services were we are responsible for securing contracts for the owner, scheduling and planning voyages and handling insurance services. Our commercial operations include all the post fixture voyage details and vessel chartering. …

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