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  • Crew Management Services
    We offer vessel manning services for various types of vessels including general cargo ships, tankers, offshore support vessels, AHTS, FPSOs, FSOs, rigs, dredgers, etc. We provide different categories of personnel including officers and ratings, process and production operators, instrument technicians, supervisors and lab technicians. We ensure that our crew comply with all international, flag state and port state requirements.

  • Sourcing & Deployment

    At Alpha Vessels And Offshore Services Limited, our onboard workforce is made up of talented, young, intelligent, resourceful and dedicated staff (through comprehensive and continuous training). They are mentally equipped and competent in varied ship and offshore operations. We source our crew from Local Administration’s Pool, Training Schools, Professional Associations and Unions, and Foreign Associates. We make sure that our crew comply with all international, flag state and port state requirements before deployment.

  • Certificate Vetting

    Alpha Vessels’ management process is fully integrated and includes stringent checks on certification and medical records. On regular basis, employment history, criminal records, and even family records are considered as criteria for employment. Our strength in these services lies in our accessibility to network of certificates issued by various administrations and schools. Working with most sub-regional regulatory authorities, we are able to evaluate most certificates issued by any authority worldwide and advise on placements based on course content and grade.

  • Labour Dispute Management

    We are not only members of all the professional bodies in Nigeria, but our Directors are either executive or ex-officio members of these s organizations. We are also affiliated to most professional and regulatory bodies in the shipping industry within Africa. This firmly positions Alpha Vessels and Offshore Services Limited to handle most labour related problems in the industry. Our team of experienced managers ensures that all crew, union and regulatory authority (administration) issues are resolved without affecting the operations of our principals.

    For companies that are already facing some labour problems we can intervene on their behalf and proffer solutions after evaluating the situation.. We bridge the communication gap and provide the enabling environment for negotiations. Alpha Vessels also arbitrates between our clients, the crew, the unions and regulatory authorities.
  • Training
    Our policy at Alpha Vessels is that training, which is of paramount importance, must be comprehensive and continuous for the crew and company to be relevant in a very dynamic shipping industry. Training must never be one-off. To conform to international best practices, an audit of our personnel and their performance is conducted and identified competency gaps forms the basis for the type of training required in order to attain the expected performance level. Our training program is usually well researched and the need for sound safety, technical, environmental and mercantile demands are fully considered. Our training programs flow from ship down to our clients’ shore facilities.

    Our study of the industry shows a dearth of competency in cargo management with particular focus on tanker vessels. The many cases of cargo loss made it necessary to develop a program to minimize cargo loss to the lowest level practicable. Application of this program on some vessels in our fleet has shown incredibly positive results. Clients are advised to take advantage of this service especially in the West African axis.

    At Alpha Vessels, most of our personnel are encouraged to proceed on courses overseas to acquire the training not within our scope of studies. It’s our pride, therefore to say that we have officers who have progressed steadily to Chief Engineers and Masters while in our service.

    We are affiliated to internationally recognized Maritime Academies in Nigeria (Lagos, Oron, Port Harcourt) and Ghana. Trainings in our different locations range from basic STCW’95 Mandatory to Advance Course in engineering and technical management.