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Operation, Maintenance and Repair Services

We offer operation, maintenance and repair services on offshore installations, including FPSOs, FSOs, fixed production platforms, rigs and flow stations. The service we provide can range from operating, repair and maintaining specific equipments on the facility, such as compressors or power generation equipment to operation, repair and maintenance of the entire facility. The disciplines we cover include mechanical, process, marine, electrical and instrumentation. In such service contracts, we will be responsible for planning and execution of the maintenance system for the equipment or facility, spare parts procurement and associated logistics, personnel recruitment, management and training

Technical Management

The technical management unit offers vessel management services according to standard BIMCO ship management terms and conditions. We enter into technical management agreement with vessel owners for overall responsibility of the technical management of the vessels. In the relationships, we are responsible for the personnel, including recruitment, training and logistics, spares and stores procurement, Class maintenance and operation, including maintenance and repair. The vessel owner will be responsible for commercial management including contracts, voyage scheduling as well as maintain the various insurance requirements. The vessels we manage include product tankers trading within the coasts of Nigeria and West Africa and offshore vessels supporting the oil and gas industry